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Software-defined wide area networking with the reliability of network redundancy and resiliency across multiple connections.

Connectivity Solutions

Numerous options to support your business requirements, so you’re never relegated to a single provider or technology.

Hybrid WAN Management

A US-based NOC proactively manages your hybrid environment to keep your data flowing and your network secure.

Zero-Downtime SLAs

Unsurpassed network reliability (and productivity) powered by an AT&T dedicated internet circuit, coupled with a high-speed cable connection, all wrapped with our SLAs.

At Creative Technology Partners,
We Simplify the Complex World of IT

Everything about computing infrastructure is growing more complex, leaving many decision makers overwhelmed with the multiple options for cloud computing, computer networking, and multi-site and wireless connectivity. At Creative Technology Partners (CTP), our overarching goal is to bring simplicity to your IT environment, ensure an always-on connection, and proactively manage every point in between.

Whether you’re evaluating SD-WAN, Hybrid WAN, traditional networking or mobility options, CTP’s experts simplify the process and deliver proven end-to-end solutions, from initial network design through Day 2 support. In addition, Creative Technology Partners is the only IT services firm that provides both Billing and Zero-Downtime service level agreements (SLAs).

Simply put, let us focus on your network so you can focus on your business.

What is SD-WAN — and why do you need it?

Are you connecting multiple users across multiple locations? Do you need a connectivity solution that’s cost-effective, flexible and scalable? That’s software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN is a highly effective approach to branch office networking, creating a virtual wide area network via software. It simplifies wide area networking by connecting multiple points and locations at a lower cost than traditional network connectivity—while maximizing performance for voice, data and video. And, it’s become the must-have transmission pipeline for many organizations.

Keep your location connected and your network communicating with CTP’s reliable, secure connectivity solutions.

Today’s networks require fast, scalable connections, often supported by multiple carriers. Does your team have the time to vet and work with multiple carriers to find the best network transport solution for your business?

CTP has relationships with hundreds of providers, the experience to simplify this over-complicated process, and brings access to every technology including fiber, Ethernet, MPLS and wireless technologies.

Managed SD-WAN with application-defined networking

If you want to make sure your traffic is always routed through the best performing and most efficient network available, SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) is a great choice for your organization.

SD-WAN is a transport-agnostic approach to managing your network’s traffic, based on real-time application and network performance monitoring. It creates hybrid networks that integrate a variety of carrier services—broadband, LTE and others—into your private corporate network for superior performance, security and resiliency for your business-critical applications. It can rapidly adapt to changes in your traffic and it’s easily scalable to meet your organization’s growth.

Professional Services that simplify the IT chaos

Are you migrating to a next-generation network such as SD-WAN, Hybrid WAN, or cloud-based applications like Software as a Service (SaaS) and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)? Creative Technology Partners is here to streamline and simplify the entire process, end to end.

Our team delivers a wide range of planning, design, deployment, and benchmarking services to ensure a successful transition to your new infrastructure with a broad range of critical services.

CTP is now powered by VEEUE™!

CTP can be best described as the Power of One: one partner, one invoice, one team providing carrier-agnostic technologies, all supported by a US-based network operations center and wrapped with Billing And Zero-Downtime Service Level Agreements.

All too often we hear IT professionals express their frustration related to today’s complex IT environment with limited and overworked IT staff, dealing with the carriers related to contracts, billing, provisioning; and the rotating door of account team changes.

CTP breaks the mold by providing our clients with the solutions, support, and ease of doing business that allows them to focus on their core business and relieves them from managing their carriers on a daily basis. We take the complexity out of IT and provide a robust, yet simple solution.


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